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After Urban Loft

During The Transformation

Shown Above & to the Left: (Before & During) Photos of the construction and transformation of L'eglise beginning with the gutting and stripping phase. The shell was then reinforced and insulated to be energy efficient.

Before The Construction

Urban Loft: Leglise*

The transformation of L'eglise (an 80 year-old church) into an urban, multi-level loft commanded more than one-years time from Billard Custom. As the original private studio/showroom for Billard Custom, the potential and creative opportunities became obvious and irresistible. The shell of the church was left intact, but stripped down to wood floors and beams. Beginning with just a handful of ideas – no existing blueprints – Billard Custom worked in collaboration with his client's imagination to create this one-of-a-kind urban loft.

At its completion, L'eglise totals roughly 2500 sq-ft. Two stairwells ascend at opposite ends of the mezzanine connecting the two levels. The upper level includes two bedrooms and features eight skylights that bathe the main living area in sunlight. Flowing space deliberately links the salon with the kitchen and main bathroom. The result is an open canvas created from wood, glass tiles and other raw materials that when combined, transforms into an expressive space that strips away all preconceived notions of loft living.